Concrete Explained

Concrete by far, is the most abundantly used building material in the world as it has endless possibilities and incredible properties.

Global production of concrete is approximately 5 Billion cubic yards annually, which equates to over 416 Million fully loaded mixer trucks. Apart from it being extremely strong, concrete is virtually fireproof, naturally water resistant, and keeps hardening for up to 100 years. Concrete is incredibly high in compressive strength ranging from 3000 - 7000 PSI, resulting in the perfect material for roadways, damns, bridges, buildings and just about any construction project you can think of!

Concrete is comprised of fine and course aggregates bonded together by a cementitious paste. Fine and course aggregates like sand and crushed rock make up approximately 60% of its volume followed by 25% water and 15% cement. When mixed, the water initiates a chemical reaction with the cement permanently bonding the aggregates together. However, it is not as simple as it sounds, and not all concrete is the same. There are endless batch designs and engineering considerations that go into creating a compound that will perform to its desired need.

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