In a new world of emerging green initiatives and sustainable building innovations; it is important that we hold concrete to the same standard.

As concrete is the most abundantly used building material worldwide, we should be asking ourselves if it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product?

Fortunately, with the help of scientific advancements in cement, concrete additives, and recycling processes, concrete it is becoming an increasingly green product:



The aggregates and cement compounds used in concrete are some of the most abundant minerals on earth.



Concrete additives include fly-ash, slag, and silica fume are all waste products derived from different industries.


Concrete is incredibly long lasting and resistant to decay; therefore, having a longer lifespan than other building materials.

Thermal characteristics

Concrete structures have the ability to be highly energy efficient as the concrete absorbs and retains heat; therefore, decreasing heating costs.

Reducing Waste

Concrete volumes are measured and batched according to the size of project, and when done correctly create no waste.

Recycled Concrete

Demolished or waste concrete can be crushed and recycled into new products, and eliminate the need for it to be sent to a landfill.

We at Upland Ready Mix understand our responsibilities and strive to continually develop a product that is greener than the last. Concrete is changing at a rapid pace and we are committed to grow with the industry and deliver a product that the customer can be happy with knowing that it is an environmentally friendly product.

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